Cannabis History

-W. R. Hearst was the owner of newspapers, magazines and the media in America in the 1900s. They had forests and produced paper. If paper was made from hemp, he could lose millions.

Rockefeller was the richest man in the world. There was an oil company. The bio fuel, hemp oil, was, of course, his worst enemy.

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Mellon was the main shareholder of the Dupont company and had a patent for producing plastics from petroleum products. And the cannabis industry was threatening its market.

-Later, Mellon became US President Hoover’s secretary of the treasury. These big names we talked about decided in their meetings that cannabis is an enemy. And they eliminated it. Through the media, they etched marijuana into people’s brains as a toxic drug, along with the word marijuana. Cannabis drugs were withdrawn from the market, replaced by the chemical drugs used today. For paper production, forests are cleared. Intoxication with pesticides and cancer increased.

And then we filled our world with plastic garbage, harmful waste…

After all, human beings always find a way to consume nature; is not it?


Coin and Tech news

The cost was around $31,783 per coin, whereas rivals Ethereum and Dogecoin were exchanging around $1,907 and fair 18 cents per coin, separately, agreeing to Coindesk. Meanwhile, two noticeable monetary specialists cautioned in the event that cleared out unchecked, Stablecoin seem advance into a time reminiscent of the 19th century’s free managing an account period within the U.S. In an scholastic paper discharged Saturday, Yale financial analyst Gary Gorton and U.S. Government Save lawyer Jeffery Zhang cautioned of the chance of systemic chance to the money related framework by a “advanced frame of secretly delivered cash” pegged one-to-one with “secure” assets. In other cryptocurrency news, money related specialists around the world are hurrying to plan computerized monetary forms, and numerous are inquiring: Who knows how to do this?, The Divider Road Journal reported Monday. Some of the primary governments to go advanced have found an reply in cryptocurrency devotees, the report said. For these advanced money specialists, the advanced slant presents an opportunity.

Retail deals, a proportion of expenditure at eateries, stores and on the web, in June rose 0.6% to $621.3 billion, as per the Commerce Department. Examiners overviewed by Refinitiv had expected a diminishing of 0.4%. The perusing was 18% above year-prior levels.

Last month’s perusing was reconsidered down to – 1.7% from the underlying perusing of – 1.3%.

Retail deals had been easing back since the 10.7% increment in March as the effect from boost checks had started to scatter.

“Energy to get out and spend is exceptionally high,” said Natalie Kotlyar, retail and purchaser items industry public pioneer at consultancy firm BDO. “Yet, so are costs, as retailers face critical inventory and work deficiencies.”

Retailers, eateries and bars kept on seeing solid development.

Deals at dress and attire frill stores took off 2.6% versus last month and 47.1% from a year prior. Food administrations and drinking places saw deals rise 2.3% in June and 40.2% year over year.

In the interim, deals drooped at engine vehicle and parts sellers and furniture stores as the businesses kept on wrestling with production network disengagements and more exorbitant costs.

Facebook fired fifty twopersonnel for abusing their get right of entry to to the social network’s consumerfacts — such as creepy guys who acquiredvicinityrecords on ladies they had been romantically involved in, in accordance to a new report.

Ticker Security Last Change Change %
FB FACEBOOK, INC. 341.16 -3.30 -0.96%
Using their get admission to to troves of consumerfactsvia Facebook’s inside systems, male engineers had beencapable to view women’s locations, non-public messages, deleted snap shots and more, in accordance to a bombshell document in the Telegraph.

In one occasion described in the report, a Facebook engineer was once on holiday with a female in Europe when the two acquired into a battle and the ladydesired time alone. Using Facebook data, the engineer reportedly tracked her down at her new motel and confronted her.


In every other case, an engineer reportedly used Facebook facts to discover out that a female he was once romantically fascinated in normally visited Dolores Park in San Francisco, then used the records to go there and discover her with her friends.

The majority of engineers who abused personalstatisticshave beenguys who regarded up ladies they have beeninvolved in however did now not confront them in person, in accordance to the report, which is an excerpt from an upcoming e bookby way of New York Times newshounds Sheera Frankel and Cecelia Kang.